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OnePlus™ Three-way Stopcock 

OnePlus™ Three-way stopcock form iLife Medical has a smooth tap rotation, and uniform bore that ensures maximum infusion-flow and minimum turbulence. The moulding is secure and ensures no leakage, the screw luer lock ensures safe and secure connection to luers of other standard systems. The 6% luer-taper is compatible with any standard product.

Wittmann Patch®

The Wittmann Patch® from Starsurgical is an adjustable hook-and-loop fascial closure tool for bridging abdominal wall openings where primary closure is not possible and/or repeat abdominal entries are necessary. 

The Wittmann Patch® consists of hook-and-loop (Velcro®-like) sheets that are pressed together to form a secure closure and peeled apart for abdominal re-entry. The overlap is adjusted to accommodate an increase or decrease in swelling. Applying a slight tension helps prevent lateral retraction. As abdominal swelling decreases, the fascial edges are pulled closer together and excess patch material is trimmed. When the two fascial edges are close enough, the remaining patch material is removed and the abdominal wall is closed by suturing fascia-to-fascia.

Timely use of the Wittmann Patch® can help achieve fascia-to-fascia abdominal wall closure thus avoiding the giant ventral hernia, reconstruction, components separation and/or bridging mesh.

OneFlon® I.V. Catheter

The OneFlon® I.V. Catheter from iLife Medical is designed with flexible wings for better placement and insertion of the catheter in patient’s body, the catheter is designed to be kink-resistant with improved double tapered, bevelled & siliconized tip to minimize trauma during venipuncture.The triple facetted back cut & highly polished Japanese needle reduces penetration force and optimizes insertion performance. OneFlon, has color coded injection ports and a non-return silicon value provided for intermittent medication. The body of the I.V. catheter has a clear & transparent chamber flash-back to help visualize blood, which ensures successful venipuncture. The cap is ribbed to avoid deformation, which could otherwise lead to needle damage.

BeneHold™ Bordered

The BeneHold™ Bordered hydrocolloid dressing with odor control from Vancive Medical Technologies leverages Vancive’s unique and propriety next-generation adhesive formulations. Unlike traditional hydrocolloids, these materials remain highly integrated to cleanly remove from the wound bed and the periwound skin. Unlike conventional hydrocolloids, the adhesive is inherently odorless. But in addition to that, a patented Vancive hydrocolloid adhesive formulation incorporates cyclodextrins shown to entrap and absorb offending odorant molecules.

Accel-Heal® Electroceutical  Therapy

Accel-Heal® from Synapse Electroceutical Technology is a certified and patented, electroceutical medical treatment device (ClassIIA) designed to improve and accelerate healing rates in patients with complex wounds.  Used alongside standard dressings, with clinical efficacy of 95%, Accel- Heal improves treatment outcomes and quality of life for patients with complex wounds. 

A non invasive device, Accel-Heal uses the patented Synapse Sequence programmed to deliver a specific series of electric energy interactions through the skin to manipulate gene expression to modify specific physiological functions in dermal tissue. 

Each Accel-Heal treatment course consists of six, battery powered, pre-programmed, 48 hour single use units (to be applied consecutively)

BeneHold TASA™ 

BeneHold TASA™ from Vancive Medical Technologies is a new technology combining the absorbency of hydrocolloid adhesives with the holding power, transparency, and thinness of acrylics. When in contact with moisture, TASA remains clear and intact. TASA technology is combined with a smooth, low-friction polyurethane top film. The resulting product allows for complete site visualization providing greater confidence in the progression of the wound healing. As a thin and flexible material, it can easily conform to body contours, even in hard to dress locations.