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OnePlus™ Three-way stopcock 

OnePlus™ Three-way stopcock form iLife Medical has a smooth tap rotation, and uniform bore that ensures maximum infusion-flow and minimum turbulence. The moulding is secure and ensures no leakage, the screw luer lock ensures safe and secure connection to luers of other standard systems. The 6% luer-taper is compatible with any standard product.

OneFlon® I.V. Catheter

The OneFlon® I.V. Catheter from iLife Medical is designed with flexible wings for better placement and insertion of the catheter in patient’s body, the catheter is designed to be kink-resistant with improved double tapered, bevelled & siliconized tip to minimize trauma during venipuncture.The triple facetted back cut & highly polished Japanese needle reduces penetration force and optimizes insertion performance. OneFlon, has color coded injection ports and a non-return silicon value provided for intermittent medication. The body of the I.V. catheter has a clear & transparent chamber flash-back to help visualize blood, which ensures successful venipuncture. The cap is ribbed to avoid deformation, which could otherwise lead to needle damage.

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