Improving lives and experiences 

CuraMed Australia is a medical distribution company established with a mission of bringing innovative and clinically effective medical products and services at an affordable price to end-users. We work with our customers in designing tailor-made business models to suit each hospital's clinical and logistic requirements.

All our products are approved for use by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). We assist healthcare professionals in healing chronic and acute wounds, whilst maintaining a focus on patient safety and comfort.

CuraMed Australia is committed in supporting our customers by investing in education, training, and research. 

We live by our core values

We strive to make life easy for caregivers, for patients and for employees

We design innovative business processes that are tailor-made to fit our customer's requirement

Our customer focused organisation is responsive to customer's needs - we apply a solution driven approach to understand and act on customer's requirements. Our mantra is 'First to know, first to handle'

Our culture is driven by helping patients and clinicians - our customers and employees are at the forefront of everything we do

We specialise in tissue repair and unique surgical tools

We offer unique therapies and adjunct technologies not previously available in the ANZ region to help patients with complex conditions

We maintain a high stewardship of the brands we manage on behalf of our global principal suppliers

Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our suppliers in developing brands and building strong networks in the regions we operate in 

Our people are the real engine of our business, we create equal opportunity and work together as a team 

We encourage our team to act as owners of the business and think differently - We support and provide a conducive environment to develop confidence and provide growth opportunities for our team

​We consider the environmental and social needs of our community in everything we do

We take every step to protect and minimise the impact of our activities on the environment and we make sure our suppliers have environmental policies in their manufacturing process as well

Welcome to CuraMed Australia